Ground screws

Since 2012 SIA “LAC serviss”, manufacturer of metal constructions, has started to produce a new product – ground screws that will significantly facilitate construction works for small and medium timber building structures.

Main advantages of ground screws:

  • fast installation;
  • light-weight construction;
  • long service life;
  • possibility to easy dismount and relocate them, if required.

Grounds screws are an environmentally friendly solution – no soil digging, no damage to lawns or plantation, as well as no unnecessary construction waste. They are easy to install in places hard to be reached by heavy machinery and may be installed in any weather conditions.

A typical application for ground screws would be a foundation for buildings and structures such as:

  • light-weight temporary and warehouse buildings;
  • garden cottages and greenhouses;
  • supports for bridges over garden ponds;
  • sunshades and sheds;
  • equipment for playgrounds;
  • supports for flag poles and street lights;
  • washing line posts;
  • notice boards and billboards;
  • wooden fences;
  • garages;
  • mailboxes.

A ground screw consists of a galvanized tube with thread elements and a timber beam fastening structure in its upper part. The length and diameter, as well as the type of upper fastening of the ground screw may vary depending on its application.

Anti-corrosion zinc coating ensures service life of the article longer than 60 years, and the load bearing capacity of the ground screw may reach from 500 to 50,000 kg


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