About us

Company's main business profile is production of nonstandard metal constructions and various metal products according to customer orders and expectations in order to ensure high product quality, compliance with customer requirements and international standards. Company's output range is constantly expanding and currently include:


1993 foundation of company - 10 employees. Business profile - car service and car spare part shop
1996 company starts to engage in retail trade of metal products
2000 company purchases several used metal processing machinery and start to offer for customers manufacturing services for various metal constructions
2003 company sign’s cooperation agreements with the metal-processing companies in Poland and Latvia, and begins more to focus on manufacture of metal fences, gates and stairs
2005 company purchased new CNC control manufacturing machines for sheet metal punching and bending. In development of company are invested 185 000 EUR
2006 company realize project "Modernization of metal workshop" with financial support from ERAF funds. During the project in production hall was built in a new smoke extraction and ventilation system, and purchased a new CNC control guillotine shear for cutting of sheet metal. Total project costs and investments in development of the company are 62 000 EUR
2007 company changes old manufacturing equipment and purchases new waterjet cutting machine FLOW IFB 2ST
2009 company realizes training project for employees "Training for metal-processing " with financial support from LIAA funds. The total costs of project are 53 000 EUR
2012< company purchased new vibro polishing machine Rollwash RWO-D-120-GM/P-CF that allows to automate the work of grinding and polishing procedures

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